A Book Review of “Hueman,” a Poetry Collection by Amber C. Borden

A Book Review of “Hueman,” a Poetry Collection by Amber C. Borden

After connecting with amazing professionals from the Bustle Virtual Career Fair, I had the opportunity to read a peer’s new poetry book. Amber C. Borden’s debut book titled Hueman is a collection of poems divided into colors of the rainbow that discuss human experience and how they relate to color psychology. Here is my book review of Hueman.


Although we all have a commonality to the colors of the rainbow, we interpret our own reality and that is what makes our individual stories so special.

Hueman is a celebration of this life as I know it and continue to understand it,” Borden shared. Written and published during the height of COVID-19, Hueman expresses the union of color and the human experience through poems discussing her own life. In this poetry book, you will learn the experiences and emotions of what makes Borden “hueman.”  

Thoughts + Insights

“Divided into chapters of color, I explore the experiences and emotions we encounter as human beings in relation to color psychology,” Borden shared.

I agree with the introduction of the book when it stated “our world wouldn’t be our world without color.”

The poems are divided up following ROYGBIV and white, black, gray, pink, and brown. The psychologies behind each color represent how we connect as different individuals, while still allowing each other to interpret our reality in our own way. Important topics touched on included the #MeToo movement, womanhood, the seven deadly sins, loss, change, and growth.

Topics Associated with Every Color

White focuses on the philosophies of life, red stands for dominance, and orange represent the ebbs and flows of life.

Yellow discusses childhood experiences, green is reflective, blue is about dealing with sadness and loss, and indigo is how we are all individuals.

Violet is how we view ourselves, pink explores types of love, and brown brings us back to earth.

“Always remember you are divine.”

Wombman by Amber C. Borden

Gray is about dueling with ourselves and society’s pressures, and black represents the present and its absences.

My Interpretation

One of my favorite poems in this book is “Train of Thought.” It takes place in NYC and observes how we see the world as it appears on the outside.

Another poem I adored was “Déjà vu” ­— a visual poem that leads the eye towards a message.

“Tell Me About Yourself” is a poem I could relate to during the current digital age. I really liked this line below.

“Intentions indent insight, because

perfection is imaginary.”

“Tell me about yourself” by Amber C. Borden

The Black section is one that I could relate to. Borden talked about the essence of black excellence and how those who do not understand result in fear and hatred. To me, this talking point represented America in its current state.

Conclusion of Book Review

Hueman is visually appealing as every poem intertwines with colorful visuals and proceeds through every color hue on the spectrum. Borden talked about important life topics and interpreted them using her real-life experiences.

Although I was unable to relate to every poem, I still found all of Borden’s poems to be insightful. As a society, it is important to be open to different lifestyles to achieve a better understanding of this world. Listening to what one feels through their own words is a great start to becoming a more empathetic person. I reached out to Borden to read and review her book — without knowing much about her or the poetry topics. My overall rating for this book is 4.5/5 stars!

I hope you learned something interesting from my book review about Hueman. You can find Hueman online via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Be sure to check out her poetry book on Amazon and share it with someone who may be interested!



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