5 Health Tips for A Healthy Lifestyle
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5 Health Tips for A Healthy Lifestyle

Raise your hand if industries in society–such as music, advertising, and fashion–has made you believe your body is not fit for social standards or you don’t have a healthy lifestyle. The pressure to be skinny and have a “bikini body” by summer is damaging, nonrealistic, and rude.

Out of hesitation, I was not sure if I should publish this post. I wanted to refrain from telling people what to do with their bodies. Instead, I want to share healthy lifestyle tips I got for “free” from two personal training sessions a year ago.

Working out and having a healthy lifestyle can be as simple as walking, dancing, practicing your catwalk, doing yoga, etc. You don’t need a gym membership, flat tummy tea, or $100 athletic leggings to fit into society.

an instagram story commenting on the amount of ads and content telling people to be skinny during a global pandemic from MIchaela
“An Instagram story Michaela posted about all the weight comments she’s seen” via Glamour.com. Details the mass amount of weight concerns during the peak of the global pandemic.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I have noticed an increase in health and weight loss advertisements and product releases that suggest people should be dedicating their free time in quarantine to losing weight. Aside from ads, there are thousands of photoshopped pictures uploaded on Instagram daily by influencers and baddies alike. Depending on their audience, some influencers promote laxatives disguised as teas to their followers, which gives off the same message as the other advertisements. This type of marketing approach uses vulnerability and guilt to target insecurities that can be very damaging to one’s mental health.

Kim Kardashian telling her millions of followers to starve themselves/take laxatives in the form of tea, while her body is surgically made to look the way she looks.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to promote a toxic lifestyle but to provide tips for those who are interested. Here are five tips for living a healthier lifestyle that won’t make you feel insecure.

1. Sweating is Good

For goodness sake, I don’t sparkle, I sweat. I swear if I see another “I don’t sweat, I sparkle” quoted on another t-shirt, I’m going to scream. Sweating is a natural human response to your body overheating and is absolutely normal. In fact, it is something to be proud of. The personal trainer told me that sweating is an efficient way your body cools you down. It means you are working hard and your body responds with sweat as a way of cooling down.

2. Save Cardio for Last

Whenever I start with cardio, which is also my least favorite part of working out, I’m too worn out to focus on anything else. I talked about this with the personal trainer, and she said that it’s fine if you do cardio at the end of a workout. Your body burns sugar before fat, so saving the cardio for last will allow you to burn some fat cells at the end of the workout.

3. Strengthen Your Core

True Life: I have a weak core. According to a personal trainer, if you want to improve the efficiency of your workouts, work on strengthening your core. Logically, our limbs come from our core. A stronger core equals a more efficient workout for the rest of your body.

4. Skips the Machines

Machines are stabilized to the ground, making your body work less to get moving. Although your workout will be a lot harder without the machine, you will be stronger in the end. Walking, running, and burpees (sorry) are great replacements for machines.

5. Workout When You’re Sore

I absolutely despise working out when I am sore because, well I’m in pain. Did you know that it’s actually bad to skip working out because of soreness? Soreness is a response to your muscle being tight. Exercising will loosen them up. It might hurt for a bit, but over time it will not.

Remember: This isn’t a blog post telling you what to do with your body. I wanted to share tips that encourage a healthy lifestyle without being fatphobic by targetting insecurities using marketing motives. I hope you learned something new to implement into your lifestyle for healthier living.



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